How to Get Messages Effects on your Mac

The Messages app in Mac comes with many different effects. These effects are also a part of the equivalent iOS app and can be used to liven up boring conversations. But, the iOS version of the app is not much similar to the Mac version. The Mac version does not have as many features as the iOS one has.


Messages functionalities that can be used in macOS

The list of all the things that can be done with Messages on Mac is given below:

  • Rich links

Instead of merely showcasing a link when you insert it in any message using iMessage app, the Messages creates a sleep preview of the URL, which includes the title and a picture, Messages also enabled users to view YouTube videos without having to leave the conversation.

  • Big emoji

The size of the emojis has now been increased to three times than it was before. To send big emojis, you need to send three or fewer characters.

  • Tapbacks

Tapbacks refer to instant responses that users can add to the messages bubbles. They can choose from the heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, exclamation mark, question mark, and Ha Ha.

What does the Messages on Mac not have?

Sadly, even though Messages on iPhones and iPads has functionalities such as bubble and screen effects to impart more zing to the messages, these effects are not available on macOS Messages app as of now.

Apart from this, the Messages app in Mac also does not have stickers and iMessage. While it does not surprise us that these items are missing from macOS, still their absence is noted particularly when iPhone or iPad owning peers bombard you with stickers.

However, users can still use services, applications along with utilities to make the best out of Messages on their Macs.

Mac owners can use GIPHY to share GIFs with peers. The GIF Keyboard allows Mac users to find GIFs and send them to anybody. Users can simply drag and drop any GIF from the menu bar into the message conversation.

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